Myprotein THE Pre-Workout+ Review [Full Product Breakdown]

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Myprotein THE Pre-Workout+ Editor's Rating

In this Myprotein THE Pre-Workout+ review I discuss the full product breakdown and explain whether it’s worth your money.

I compare Myprotein THE Pre-Workout+ supplement to, the most important criteria when choosing a pre-workout supplement:

  • Ingredients
  • Effectiveness
  • Taste
  • Price

Plus, check out what other people say about the product and describe my own experience using the Myprotein THE Pre-Workout+ supplement product. Find both sections below.

THE Pre-Workout+ by Myprotein is a good pre-workout for people who are looking for a solid pre-workout supplement that will provide them with a prolonged energy boost without a crash, mental focus and muscle pumps. It’s relatively inexpensive and contains effective doses for most of the key ingredients you need for a solid pre-workout supplement.

THE Pre-Workout+ is a good all-around pre-workout, but not a high-stim pre-workout that will keep you wired all day long.

Find out the pros and cons in the review below.


  • Good muscle pumps are very good for the price you pay
  • Solid energy boost throughout the workout (2-3 hours) without the crash
  • Great mental focus
  • Variety of flavours to choose from
  • Relatively inexpensive, if you find it on sale


  • Dosages of some ingredients are on the lower end of the spectrum to be effective
  • Not everyone might like the taste
  • Caffeine beadlets don’t mix and stay at the bottom of the shaker cup
Myprotein THE Pre-Workout+

Myprotein THE Pre-Workout+

Ingredients: 8/10

Effectiveness: 9/10

Taste: 7/10

Price: 8/10

Total Rating: 8/10

What Is Myprotein THE Pre Workout+?

Myprotein THE Pre-Workout+ is a supplement that you take before working out.

It’s their most powerful pre-workout to date and is designed to help you have more energy and better performance during your workouts.

Myprotein THE Pre-Workout+ comes in powder form and you typically mix it with water.

It is available in the following flavours:

  • Orange Mango
  • Ruby Red Grapefruit
  • Rainbow Candy
  • Sour Gummy
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Lemon Sherbert
  • Guava Pear
  • Pineapple Mango
  • Watermelon


Depending on the country, and the available stock, the available flavour options may differ. At the time of writing this review, it seemed like Orange Mango and Ruby Red Grapefruit were the most common flavours in most countries.

Myprotein THE Pre-Workout+ supplement is designed to be taken 30 minutes before working out.

It’s suggested by the manufacturers to mix it with 300-400ml (10-14oz) of water.

Ingredients and Nutritional Information

So, what’s in the Myprotein THE Pre-Workout+ supplement?

Below you will find the supplement’s facts panel and ingredients list.

Serving Size – 1 Scoop (18g)

Servings Per Container – 20

Supplement Facts

IngredientPer 18g Serving
Vitamin C (as Ascobic Acid)75mg
Thiamin (as Thiamine HCL)1mg
Niacin (as Niacinamide)3mg
Vitamin B12 (as Cyanocobalamin)15mcg
Caffeine (as Caffeine Anhydrous and Caffeine Beadlets)300mg
Green Tea (Leaf) Extract (as VAS06™)300mg
Hawthorn Berry (Fruit) Extract 10:1150mg
Black Pepper (Piper nigrum) Fruit Extract (BioPerine®)5mg
AstraGin™ (Panax notoginseng and Asragalus membranaceous) Root Extracts50mg
L-Beta Alanine3200mg
L-Betaine Anhydrous1500mg
Huperzia serrata (Aerial) Extract (1% Huperzine A)20mg
Alpha-glycerophosphoryl choline (GPC) 50%300mg

The following is a brief description of the actual ingredients formula, and key ingredients.


Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant and the most commonly consumed psychoactive substance in the world.

It’s found in coffee, tea, energy drinks, and soft drinks.

Caffeine is a powerful stimulant, thus it is a common pre-workout ingredient because it can help enhance physical strength and endurance (1).

THE Pre-Workout+ supplement contains 300mg of caffeine per serving.

This is equivalent to about:

  • 3 cups of coffee (6-ounce or 180ml cups)
  • 8 cups of black tea (6-ounce or 180ml cups)
  • 2 cans of energy drink (16-ounce or 480ml cans)

To conclude, 300mg of caffeine for a single serving is a solid amount for most people.

However, if you are sensitive to caffeine, or if you don’t usually consume caffeinated drinks, then I would recommend starting with a half serving to see how you react.


L-Citrulline is an amino acid that helps to improve blood flow. In other words, muscle pump.

It’s also been shown to help reduce fatigue, increase power output and improve endurance (2).

THE Pre-Workout+ supplement contains 6000mg of L-Citrulline per serving, which is an effective dose if you are looking to enhance sports performance.

Hawthorn Berry (Fruit) Extract 10:1

Hawthorn berry has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine.

It’s known to help improve blood circulation, in other words, vasodilation (pump), and is used to treat high and low blood pressure (3).

THE Pre-Workout+ supplement contains 150mg of hawthorn berry extract (fruit) extract 10:1 per serving. This is a good amount as it’s been shown to be effective for these purposes.


Beta-alanine has been shown to improve muscular endurance during high-intensity exercise lasting around 1–10 minutes (4).

It does this by reducing the build-up of lactic acid in muscles, which leads to muscle fatigue.

THE Pre-Workout+ supplement by Myprotein contains 3200mg of beta-alanine per serving.

This dosage is on the lower end of the spectrum (3200 – 6400mg) that has been shown to be effective for these purposes.

Some people who take large doses of beta-alanine may feel a sense of urgency and a tingling feeling. This is a harmless side effect, but it can be unpleasant for some people.

L-Betaine Anhydrous

L-Betaine anhydrous is a derivative of the amino acid glycine.

It’s typically used for reducing blood homocysteine levels and improving athletic performance (5).

The Myprotein THE Pre-Workout+ supplement contains 1500mg of L-betaine anhydrous per serving. This is, in my opinion too low of a dose.

I would like it to be at least over a couple of grams in order to be effective for its purposes.


Taurine is known to help improve enhance athletic performance and blood flow (6).

The Myprotein THE Pre-Workout+ supplement contains 1000mg of taurine per serving. For all purposes, this dosage is sufficient for most people.


L-Tyrosine is an amino acid that mainly helps boost mental focus, mood, and productivity. It’s also been shown to help reduce stress and fatigue (7).

The Myprotein THE Pre-Workout+ supplement contains 1000mg of L-tyrosine per serving, which is a good amount to be effective for the purposes mentioned above.

Alpha GPC

Alpha GPC (Glycerophosphoryl Choline) is a choline-containing compound that’s known to help improve cognitive function and physical performance (8).

Myprotein’s THE Pre-Workout+ supplement contains 300mg of Alpha GPC per serving.

This dosage is on the lower end of the spectrum (300 – 600mg) that has been used for studies that have shown to be effective for boosting power output.


VASO6™ is an extract of green tea that’s known to help greatly improve blood flow and vasodilation (pump).

The Myprotein THE Pre-Workout+ supplement contains 300mg of VASO6™ per serving, which is a good amount to be effective.


L-Theanine is an amino acid that’s found in green tea.

It’s known to help with anxiety, stress and calmness. Furthermore, a combination with caffeine has been shown to improve cognitive function and attention, reduce jitters, and high blood pressure, as well as prevent the crash from the stimulants (9).

The Myprotein THE Pre-Workout+ supplement contains 100mg of L-theanine per serving.

This dosage is on the lower end of the spectrum (100 – 200mg) that has been shown to be effective.

And when it comes to pairing it with caffeine, you would ideally want to have an equal amount of caffeine and l-theanine or at least a 2:1 ratio.

Black Pepper (Piper nigrum) Fruit Extract (BioPerine®)

Black pepper extract is added to supplements for the purpose of increasing the absorption of other ingredients (10).

THE Pre-Workout+ supplement contains 5mg of black pepper fruit extract per serving, which is enough to be effective.

AstraGin™ (Panax notoginseng and Asragalus membranaceous) Root Extracts

AstraGin™ is another compound that’s known to help improve the absorption of other ingredients.

The Myprotein supplement contains 50mg of AstraGin™ per serving. This is a good amount to be effective for these purposes.

THE Pre-Workout+ supplement also contains a number of other ingredients such as Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, etc., but these are not likely to have any significant effect on how you feel or perform during your workouts.

So, looking at the supplement facts, THE Pre-Workout+ supplement by Myprotein contains a good amount of effective ingredients in appropriate dosages, in most cases.

Based on the supplement facts, it’s a full spectrum pre-workout with a well-rounded pre-workout formula, that contains:

  • Good ingredients for mental focus
  • A solid formula for muscle pump
  • A good amount of stimulants for everyday use
  • Effective formula for absorption of other ingredients

Effectiveness and Benefits

Looking at the website, Myprotein claims that the key benefits of THE Pre-Workout+ are the following:

  • Advanced vascularity, and increased blood flow
  • Improved muscular endurance
  • Sustained energy and focus for a longer period of time
  • Increased power output

Having used the Myprotein THE Pre-Workout+ (more about my experience in a bit), I can say that I have experienced all of the above benefits.

If you start using this supplement, I think you will also experience them as well:

  • You will definitely notice muscle pumps, thanks to the VASO6™ ingredient.
  • Your mental focus will also be on point, thanks to the Alpha GPC, L-Tyrosine, and L-Theanine.
  • You will get that extra energy boost, that is not too overwhelming, and that won’t make you feel like you are going to crash hard later on.
  • You will experience a slight increase in endurance and power output.

Now, in regards to the energy and its duration. As I mentioned earlier, THE Pre-Workout+ provides a good energy boost, that kicks in relatively fast (within 15-30 minutes), and lasts for about 2.5 – 3 hours. Then after about 3 hours, it will just disappear, but you won’t experience an energy crash.

300mg of caffeine that you get per serving are delivered via an advanced ingredient delivery method called PhaseTech™.

In simple terms, this means that the caffeine is released into your system slowly, over a period of time, so you don’t get an energy spike and crash.

You might even see those beadlets once you drink the pre-workout towards the end.

However, you might find it annoying (I did) that those beadlets stay at the bottom of your shaker cup. But they don’t really have any strong flavour, so you shouldn’t really taste them of anything.

All in all, THE Pre-Workout+ is a solid pre-workout supplement you could use every time you workout.

But don’t expect that this pre-workout will hit you in the face and make you feel like you can squat a truck, and sprint a marathon. It does not give you a CRAZY energy kick, and it does not give you a sense of urgency either, nor a tunnel vision.

Instead, it’s somewhere in the middle as far as the stimulant effect goes in comparison to what you get with other pre-workout formulas.


As mentioned previously THE Pre-Workout+ by Myprotein comes in a variety of flavours which might and might not be available depending on where you live.

The flavours I have tried are:

  • Sour Gummy
  • Rainbow Candy
  • Orange Mango

I think Myprotein did an okay job with the taste of the flavours I have personally tried, and they all taste similar to their respective namesakes.

My favourite flavour out of the ones I tried is Orange Mango.

Myprotein THE Pre-Workout Orange Mango Flavour

It tastes like a mix of tangerine and an orange, with a slight aftertaste of mango.

Just like the name suggests.

The flavour I personally liked the least was Sour Gummy.

Myprotein THE Pre-Workout Sour Gummy Flavour

It just tasted sour, and the aftertaste was not pleasant either – too artificial.

Rainbow candy tasted like a mix of different fruits, and it was not too sweet or sour.

Myprotein THE Pre-Workout Rainbow Candy Flavour

So, if I would have to order them from best tasting to least best tasting, with ratings 1 – 10, the results would be the following:

  1. Orange Mango – 8
  2. Rainbow Candy – 7
  3. Sour Gummy – 6.5

As far as mixability goes, I think it mixes well.

Just be aware that beadlets will stay at the bottom of your shaker cup.

I do want to mention that I have only tried THE Pre-Workout+ with water, so I can’t comment on what the taste is with other liquids for example juice.

At the end of the day, I personally don’t care too much about the taste of pre-workout supplements, as long it does not taste terrible.

The Myprotein pre-workout supplement definitely does not taste terrible – it’s okay.


As with everything Myprotein, I think THE Pre-Workout+ supplement is affordably priced.

At the time of writing this review (May 2022), it costs $59.99 USD (without any discounts applied).

It’s very common that you can get a 40% off, on most Myprotein products, using a discount code which you can find on their official website.

So, with a discount of 40% applied, you can get this supplement for around $35.99 USD.

This price is for a tub of 360g which will last you approximately 20 servings, give or take depending on how much you mix per serving.

That equates to $1.8 per serving, which I think is a good price for this type of product.

Furthermore, Myprotein sometimes runs sales promotions with discounts of up to 60% off which can make the price per serving even lower.

What Are People Saying About THE Pre Workout+?

I took a look at some reviews on the Myprotein website, to get an idea of what people are saying about this product.

Generally, people seem to be happy with it.

Myprotein THE Pre-Workout+ Customer Reviews

People are mentioning that it gives them great muscle pumps and good energy without the crash. A lot of people also compare it to other pre-workouts on the market and say it’s just as good if not better than those.

Myprotein THE Pre-Workout+ Customer Review

There are also a lot of people that mention the flavours are great, mix well and are happy with the provided energy boost. It does create a sense of urgency which for some could be a bit too much if never used pre-workouts before.

Myprotein THE Pre-Workout+ Customer Review

Although, some people do think that the pump Myprotein pre-workout provides is not as strong as other pre-workouts on the market or the dedicated pump products that you can get for half the price.

Myprotein THE Pre-Workout+ Customer Review

The main complaints I could find were about the taste and texture.

Myprotein THE Pre-Workout+ Customer Review

But then again, it seems that it’s really a personal preference as to whether you like the taste or not. Since quite a few people disagreed with this feedback. Also, some mentioned that this pre-workout supplement is not as high in stimulant effect as other pre-workouts on the market.

Myprotein THE Pre-Workout+ Customer Review

My Experience With Myprotein THE Pre Workout+

I haven’t been the biggest fan of Myprotein’s pre-workouts in the past. I think their past pre-workout products were weak in some key ingredients, especially caffeine and pump ingredients.

However, I was pleasantly surprised with THE Pre Workout+ product, and I think it’s one of their best pre-workout supplements to date.

I have personally been trying various samples of THE Pre-Workout+ by Myprotein and I can say that I am happy with it.

It provides me with good energy that stays for 2 – 3 hours, I like the focus, tingles and sense of urgency are just like I prefer.

I liked the Orange Mango flavour the most, so, I got a full tub of it.

Furthermore, the following is a quick story about my friend and his first experience with the pre-workout by Myprotein…

One day, my friend Nicolas, came from work at about 4 PM, and he was really tired.

I asked him if he was okay, and he said he’d been working a lot of overtime lately. He even took a 30-minute nap right when he got home from work!

But despite being so tired, we agreed to go to the gym later that day.

I had given Nicolas a sample of THE Pre-Workout+ before going to the gym.

Funny enough, he’d never tried a pre-workout before. So, I was curious to see how it would work for him.

Well, let me tell you this…

He went crazy at the gym!

He was running back and forth between machines, trying all sorts of different exercises.

Although the tingling from beta-alanine was a bit too much for him.

“Thanks for giving me the pre-workout,” he said after he finished working on his computer, 3 hours after he had already come home from the gym.

“It really helped me out,” he said.

Let me remind you, he worked the entire day, came home, and was about to call it a day.

So, if it weren’t for Myprotein’s THE Pre-Workout+, he would have probably just gone to bed.

But instead, he was able to get a great workout in and still had the energy to work on his computer for a few more hours.

To conclude, I had a good experience with Myprotein’s THE Pre-Workout+, and my friend, Nicolas, did as well.

Should You Buy Myprotein THE Pre Workout+ Supplement?

I think that THE Pre-Workout+ by Myprotein is perfect for people who are looking for a product with a solid pre-workout formula that will provide them with energy, focus and good muscle pumps.

I believe it’s a go-to choice for bodybuilders looking to have a productive workout session.

But be aware that THE Pre-Workout+ does not:

  • Wake you up from the dead
  • Make your heartbeat crazy
  • Give you a tunnel vision

Instead, it provides a nice, productive focus and consistent energy for about 3-hours.

So, if you are looking to cycle off a high-stimulant pre-workout, or just want a productive bodybuilding experience during your workouts, I believe it’s a great choice.

But at the end of the day, labels are just labels and you can read pre-workout reviews all day long.

The best way to know if a product is for you is to try it out yourself.

As I said before, THE Pre-Workout+ is affordably priced and Myprotein often has discounts which make it even more affordable. So, I would recommend you give this product a try, especially if you can get it on a deal.

Where to Buy Myprotein THE Pre Workout+?

You can buy Myprotein’s THE Pre-Workout+ on the official Myprotein website.

Myprotein often has sales and discounts, so be sure to check their website for the latest deals. You can find Myprotein discount & coucher codes on their website.

Myprotein THE Pre-Workout+

Myprotein THE Pre-Workout+

Ingredients: 8/10

Effectiveness: 9/10

Taste: 7/10

Price: 8/10

Total Rating: 8/10

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Myprotein THE Pre-Workout+ Contain Creatine?

Myprotein’s THE Pre-Workout+ does not contain creatine monohydrate. It does, however, include a number of other key ingredients such as caffeine, l-citrulline, beta-alanine, betaine anhydrous, l-tyrosine, Taurine, VASO6™, Alpha GPC, l-theanine, and others.

Does Myprotein THE Pre-Workout+ Have Calories?

THE Pre-Workout+ contains about 10 calories per serving, coming from carbohydrates.

Which Pre-Workout is Most Effective?

There is no simple answer to this question as different pre-workouts will work better for different scenarios. However, a good pre-work should have a few key ingredients that will help to boost energy levels, muscle pump, improve focus and increase stamina. THE Pre-Workout+ is a good choice for those looking for an effective pre-workout supplement.


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